Curious Mars

Mars: May 2006

The MARS Journal, a new online peer reviewed open access journal, is now open for submission of manuscripts. The MARS Journal will publish scholarly papers in three general categories:

Mars Science: Observations, data, theory, models, and reviews of scientific literature Mars Technology: Instruments, spacecraft, missions, tools and techniques, and software Mars Policy: Exploration strategy, economics, planetary protection, history, and commentary Be among the first to publish (for free) in The MARS Journal.


"Review of the Next Decade Mars Architecture" is tentatively scheduled for release during June. However, release dates of National Academies reports depend on successful completion of the review process and on printing schedules.

This report evaluates NASA's Mars exploration program for the next 10 years, and looks at whether it optimizes scientific returns, given the agency's current funding limitations. The report also discusses whether the program incorporates findings from current missions and follows guidelines outlined in a previous report from the Research Council.