Education and Outreach: August 2007

Lerner Publishing Group has just released a new "Cool Science" title for 4-8th grade readers called "Astrobiology." From early imaginings about life on the Moon to modern observations of Mars, Europa, and Titan, this book gives an easy to follow, historical context for the search for life elsewhere. The book's author, "Dr. Fred" Bortz, engages students directly through school visits and other events. Learn more at his website: [Source: NAI Newsletter]

The Robotics Alliance Project website will host an online course for college students on Aug. 6. The course prepares students to design space communication in the inner solar system. Experts in academia and government will provide over a dozen lectures. The format includes live web broadcasts, chat windows for Q and A, collection of mathematical communication programs, archival of events, student bulletin boards, and online finals. The students ask questions in chat windows and a robotics expert answers these questions globally through the web stream.