Education and Outreach: June 2006

The Minority Institution Research Support (MIRS) Program is pleased to announce the selection of Michael Ceballos of Salish Kootenai College (Pablo, Montana) to participate in a faculty sabbatical in virology with Ken Stedman of Portland State University, co-chair of the NAI Virus Focus Group and Forest Rohwer, of San Diego State University. The MIRS program, funded by NAI, provides opportunities for researchers, from qualified minority serving institutions, to initiate joint partnerships with researchers in the field of astrobiology.

Led by the E/PO Leads from NAI's University of Arizona, teachers from across the country convened in Alberta, Canada this past weekend for a two day professional development experience focused on astrobiology science and the latest research in pedagogy, curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Dave Goldberg at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, and his colleague Howard Shuman, Professor of Microbiology at Columbia University, have funding and an immediate opening for a summer student / intern at Columbia on a microbiology project involving subseafloor samples. If you have a student who is looking for an interesting summer job, please contact Dave directly at 845-365-8674 or [Source: NAI Newsletter]