Dale Andersen's Field Reports: November 2018

"The hole melter was returned, but unfortunately it still does not work properly and we are unable to use it to make a dive hole or melt out the light sensors we left in the water column last year."

"Last night was a bit noisy with 40-50 knot winds rattling the tents, but they were not destructive so all is well here at Lake Untersee."

"We had a very blustery night which made for very noisy tents, but the camp is intact so we are in good shape thus far."

"We have a clear but very blustery day here right now, winds are 30 knots, gusting 45 at times and air temps around -5°C."

"Enclosed is a copy of our latest general weather forecast - we use the Novo forecast since it is only about 100 km from us."

"Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, we have just been busy trying to make up for lost time due to the previous storm and taking advantage of the relatively nice weather we have had lately."

"The last two days have been pretty nice weather-wise, and very productive."

"The weather improved today with sunshine and light winds greeting us this morning, a nice change of pace from the constant pounding we have had the last few days."

"We are still recovering from the damaging winds that trashed the camp, but as soon as things calm down we will get busy and pull it all back together."

"Our winds have continued unabated likely hitting 40-50 m/s at times."

"Just after getting a couple of tents set up today, the winds started pounding us with 60 knot gusts, and probably increasing this evening to what are likely 75-80 knot winds."

"Today was a pretty productive day. We turned in early yesterday, everyone was pretty tired from the traverse the day before followed by a day of getting two more tents up and a first cut at organizing the camp."

Update from Dale Andersen via Garmin inReach: Nov 2, 20182:56:30 PM: "Arrived Untersee 3pm UTC, all ok first tent up"