Astrobiology News 12 July 2013

- Collision parameters governing water delivery and water loss in early planetary systems, astro-ph
- Small hydrocarbon molecules in cloud-forming Brown Dwarf and giant gas planet atmospheres, astro-ph
- Making systems of Super Earths by inward migration of planetary embryos, astro-ph

- Impact of photoevaporative mass loss on masses and radii of water-rich sub/super-Earths, astro-ph
- Constraints on Planet Occurrence around Nearby Mid-to-Late M Dwarfs from the MEarth Project, astro-ph
- The Deep Blue Color of HD189733b: Albedo Measurements with Hubble Space Telescope/Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph at Visible Wavelengths, astro-ph
- Direct Imaging of a Cold Jovian Exoplanet in Orbit around the Sun-like Star GJ 504, astro-ph
- An overlooked brown dwarf neighbour (T7.5 at d~5pc) of the Sun and two further T dwarfs at about 10pc, astro-ph
- A Search for l-C3H+ and l-C3H in Sgr B2(N), Sgr B2(OH), and the Dark Cloud TMC-1, astro-ph
- An HST Optical to Near-IR Transmission Spectrum of the Hot Jupiter WASP-19b: Detection of Atmospheric Water and Likely Absence of TiO, astro-ph
- The Effect of Composition on the Evolution of Giant and Intermediate-Mass Planets, astro-ph
- The contribution of secondary eclipses as astrophysical false positives to exoplanet transit surveys, astro-ph
- The Densities of Planets and the Masses of Host Stars, astro-ph

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