Astrobiology Daily News 30 April 2013

- Two Super-Earths Orbiting the Solar Analogue HD41248 on the edge of a 7:5 Mean Motion Resonance, astro-ph
- Close Stellar Encounters in Young, Substructured, Dissolving Star Clusters: Statistics and Effects on Planetary Systems, astro-ph
- The 2011 October Draconids outburst. I. Orbital elements, meteoroid fluxes and 21P/Giacobini-Zinner delivered mass to Earth, astro-ph

- Two New Exoplanets Detected with Kepler, SOPHIE & HARPS-N, CAUP
- Microbial Hunting Found in 1.9 Billion Year Old Fossils, University of Oxford
- A search for rocky planets transiting brown dwarfs, astro-ph

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