Astrobiology Daily News 14 April 2013

-Detection of CO absorption in the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter HD 189733b, astro-ph
-Nitrogen in the stratosphere of Titan from Cassini CIRS infrared spectroscopy, astro-ph
-Upper limits for PH3 and H2S in Titan's Atmosphere from Cassini CIRS, astro-ph
-The Radius Distribution of Small Planets Around Cool Stars, astro-ph
-WatSen: Design and testing of a prototype mid-IR spectrometer and microscope package for Mars exploration, astro-ph
-The carbon-to-oxygen ratio in stars with planets, astro-ph
-An Old Disk That Can Still Form a Planetary System, astro-ph
-Ground-based Transit Spectroscopy of the Hot-Jupiter WASP-19b in the Near-Infrared, astro-ph

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