Exploration Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at Arizona State University (ASU)

The School of Earth and Space Exploration (SESE) at Arizona State University invites applications for the Exploration Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. SESE's core mission is to integrate science and engineering to provide a better understanding of our world and beyond. Research areas within SESE encompass astrophysics, cosmology, Earth science, climate science, planetary science, exploration systems engineering, and science education. The Exploration Fellowship Program aims to provide opportunities for conducting research on cutting-edge topics and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

Applications must include a brief research proposal that has been discussed with prospective faculty sponsors. Preference will be given to proposals that include multiple focus areas within SESE and that will involve new collaborations. Potential research topics span the full range of research interests of our faculty ( http://sese.asu.edu/focus_areas ), including key initiatives in the origin, evolution, and fate of the Universe, planetary bodies, Earth's surface environment, and life; and lifelong science and engineering education. ASU is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer that actively seeks diversity among applicants and promotes a diverse workforce.

Applications are due by December 31, 2010. A full description of the application process is available at http://sese.asu.edu/opportunities. We expect to award up to 2 fellowships this year. Typically, appointments will start between July 1 and September 1, 2011. [Source: NAI]

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