NAI Announces NASA Postdoctoral Program Selections

The NAI is pleased to announce selections of the NASA Postdoctoral Program resulting from the November 2009 cycle.

1. William Brazelton - Advisor: Matthew Schrenk, The Carnegie Institution of Washington and East Carolina University Topic: Tracing Energy, Carbon, and Nitrogen Flow in Serpentinization-fueled Microbial Ecosystems

2. Gregory Fournier - Advisor Eric Alm, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Team Topic: Reconstructing the Evolution of Protein Synthesis: A Novel Compositional Approach for Studying Early Life and the Emergence of Complexity

3. Jennifer Kyle - Advisors: Linda Jahnke and Ken Stedman, NASA Ames Research Center and Portland State University Topic: Viral Preservation within Terrestrial Hot Springs

4. Felisa Wolfe-Simon - Advisors: Ariel Anbar and Ronald Oremland, Arizona State University and the USGS- Menlo Park Topic: Arsenic and Old Life: Novel Geo-biochemistry of Arsenic in Biological Systems

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