July 2005

HMP Research Station Field Update - July 29, 2005

"Today's activities centered around a major traverse into the Haughton Crater so that Dr. Jeff Jones could complete his sampling of unvisited locations looking to see if the human associated microbes have altered the local microflora for a planetary protection study. As well on the same traverse Dr. Brian Glass also needed to completed his sampling gravity measurements for his research."

HMP Research Station Geology and Geochemistry Report Provided by Dr. John Parnell and Paula Lindgren, University of Aberdeen, July 29, 2005

"Research has continued on the response of organic matter in the crater target rocks to the impact event. Our previous studies have shown that organic matter increases in thermal maturity (more heated) towards the crater centre, but that in most of the crater the heating was not so intense as to destroy fossil biomolecular evidence of life, or even extant life."